Classical Music Is Good For Health

Do you know that classical music is good for health? Have you heard of the many good effects of classical music to health? Do you know that classical music has soothing effects and healing powers for body and mind?

I am a lover of classical music. I like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Strauss, and others. I am refreshed and invigorated whenever I hear classical music. I listen to classical music to refresh my body and mind. I usually listen to Beethoven especially the baroque ones. They are good for the body and mind, and improves hearing too.

Most of classical music have beneficial effects for physical and mental health. The most famous among these is the Mozart Effect. Listening to Mozart can reduce the number of seizures in person afflicted with a rare form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Mozart’s K448 piano sonata improve learning and mathematical seliminates, and increases spatial IQ by 8 to 9 points.


Listening to classical music such as Mozart reduces stress, and arthritic pains, and improves eyesight too. It has a very soothing effect on heart beat, and may be helpful in heart diseases. The study showed that listening to Mozart or Bach lowered the heart rate and its variability.

Classical music calms the mind to normalize heart beat and blood pressure. It is now confirmed by more scientists that listening to Mozart, Bach and other classical music have beneficial effects on the mind and the whole body in general.

A guide to buying dehumidifiers

A guide to buying dehumidifiers

If you’re on the verge of buying a dehumidifier and would like that small push in the right direction; this is the location to be. Dehumidifiers may be similar in their physical nature, but vary in its specifications, purpose and pricing; which is why it’s important to understand the basics.


Reading up on the best dehumidifier for basement reviews will make much more sense, once you have a grasp over the basic concepts and facts related to dehumidifiers.

With this article, I hope to impart knowledge that would help with your selection process, saving money and ridding yourself and your homes of humidity issues. Here goes:

What is a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are units that help in regulating and maintaining the relative humidity of the atmosphere at specific and ideal humidity level.

Why use a dehumidifier?

Excess atmospheric humidity causes harmful effects on one’s health, house and furnishings. Health problems like asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems will be on the rise. Molds, musty rooms and patchy walls and ceilings will be common and it may cause extensive damages to wooden furniture. Thus to prevent these from occurring, a dehumidifier is only option.

Types of Dehumidifiers:

The first thing to be aware off is the varieties of dehumidifiers that are available in the commercial market. The two main types of dehumidifiers seen are the Refrigerant models and the Dessicant models.

Refrigerant models: These dehumidifiers are furnished with a fan and compressor. The refrigerants which are expanded by the compressor, travels along the coils of the dehumidifier, in turn cooling down the unit.

Hot air is absorbed into the device using the fan. It is then passed over the coils and the cool surface causes the moisture within the hot air to condense. The condensed water is collected as water droplets within the water reservoir tray.

Dessicant model: Ever wondered why there was a silica gel packet along with your newly purchased shoes? Likewise, the dessicant type of dehumidifier also has of silica gels or crystals within them. These are hygroscopic in nature and are used for absorbing large amounts of moisture.

For a probable buyer, knowledge of effectiveness of the unit is always more important when compared to the technicalities; however, understanding this simple difference between the models may help you avoid mistakes while selecting your units.

Dehumidifier power:

The power of a unit is defined in terms of the area of coverage and capacity. The capacity of the unit is defined as the amount of moisture or pints of water absorbed from the air within a period of twenty four hours. For small spaced enclosures like your closets, kitchens and bathrooms, a capacity of 30 pints is ideal. A 50 pint unit is ideal for spacious rooms, while a 70 pint unit can effortlessly dehumidify a house of small area.

What size dehumidifiers are best for the basement? To measure the best dehumidifier for a basement, the measurements should be taken into consideration. The best dehumidifier for a basement that is medium sized would be one with a capacity of 70 pints. Also, for a large sized basement or crawl space the best dehumidifier would be one over 100 pints.

Draining features:

A refrigerant dehumidifier comes equipped with a reservoir tray to collect the water droplets that drip down from the coils. However, one ought to check it’s specifications to ensure that it also comes equipped with an auto shutdown option, to avoid spilling of water when full.

In the absence of an auto-shut down option, remember that you need to regularly monitor the tray to see for over filling. To avoid such hassles, choose a model with an auto-shut down option or one with an indicator light or sounds, to inform us when the bucket is full. These features are particularly helpful when you are placing the dehumidifier in the basement.

Another option would be to select a unit with a continuous drainage facility. Although proven to be effective, these units may or may not be equipped with a condensate pump.

Additional bonuses you would want on your unit

As mentioned, every dehumidifier varies in its price; and with variances in pricing, a similar variance is observed in the buttons and settings included. I’m making it a point to mention some features that even if not a necessity would prove to be the icing on your cake. These include an auto-restart, electronic controls, LCD panel, a humidistat, a timer and an auto-defrost mode to name a few among others.

Understanding the essentials of dehumidifiers is a simple task as long as we don’t have to hunt through different sites to avail of reliable information; which is why I have ensured to include and address everything that you need to know about dehumidifiers on this site. Sure it may not be “the ultimate guide” to dehumidifiers, but it will surely enhance your knowledge and understanding regarding the same and guarantee you a safe and economical purchase.

How to use The Snap & Go Double Stroller

How to use The Snap & Go Double Stroller

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If you have a twins and don’t know which stroller should buy, you can read an article about the best stroller for twins here.


Benefits of Strolling and Types of Strollers

A baby stroller is a good option to carry your baby while you are going out for shopping or recreation. Although a baby carrier is an expensive alternate to a baby stroller yet it limits to your activities as well your baby’s activities. Your baby will surely enjoy the ride in his stroller during outings. He will also be able to nap in the stroller while you do some shopping in the mall.


Wearing your baby has its own health benefits

For the first 6 months, carrying your baby in a baby carrier is a good alternative to strolling. Carrying infants on chest or on back can be quite comfortable for the baby as well as for you to perform your other activities besides keeping your babies with you.

A car seat, a baby swing or a bouncer can cause plagiocephaly to infants or the back of their head can flatten. The experts suggest keeping infants in car seats or wings for a maximum of 4 hours in a day. Since their skull is soft, if you put them in such devices for more than 4 hours can flatten the back of the head. A baby carrier will prevent the pressure on the back of the head. A perfect baby carrier distributes the overall weight of the baby in such a way that you can easily carry him for hours. However, as your baby grows and gains weight, he becomes much more active. In this case, strolling is a convenient way to keep them free in the stroller and perform your other activities while you take the stroller around.

Strolling young babies can also give you some relief

When your baby grows up beyond six months, then you can use a stroller to provide him more space for his activities and enjoy the ride as well while you do your other tasks along with strolling. Some benefits of strolling include:

Less Stress than Carrying Baby

You might get stressed out while carrying your baby for hours and doing other activities. A baby stroller is a good alternative to put your baby in and perform your house works. You can also roll your baby around in the stroller while you are out of your house.

Gentle strolling is soothing to babies

Babies find it soothing when you gently maneuver them in the strollers.

Strollers have their own safety features

The safety features of a stroller provide a safe and comfortable environment to your baby inside. The canopy, protective frame and the safety enhanced designing of the strollers can avoid risk to your child. You cannot have tea or coffee while you carry your baby. You also need to avoid bending if you are carrying our baby in the baby carrier to prevent spilling out of your baby.  But when your baby is in a stroller, you do not hesitate to take your cup of coffee or tea. You just have to take care that hot coffee does not spill out of the cup if it is placed in the cup holder of the stroller.

Carrying a lot of stuff is pretty easy with a stroller

The best thing of different baby strollers besides its safety features is the storage capacity depending upon its size and quality. In many strollers there are side pockets and storage areas where you can put different accessories like diaper bag, baby’s clothing, toys and bottles, snacks and other eatables, while you go out with them in the stroller. You can also put your car keys, mobiles and wallets in the side pockets while you maneuver the stroller.

Shopping with your babies is not a problem

You might find it difficult to go to malls with your babies. You cannot shop easily while you carry your baby with you. You will have to be extra careful while you stretch up or bend down to pick an item from the shelf while the baby is in the carrier. This problem can be solved by carrying your baby in a baby stroller. Your baby will also enjoy the ride in the mall while you can just roam around and pick your items from any shelf of the mall.

Strolling is an alternate to do exercise

SummitX3Single-LifestyleWhile you have a young baby to take care of, you hardly find time for yourself to exercise and regain your physique after pregnancy. Stroller helps you in this regard too. You can go to parks with your baby in the jogging stroller with extra suspension systems that keep your baby safe from shock or jarring impacts while you run with the stroller.



You can pick a stroller of your type

There are different types of strollers available in the market. You can choose the one that fulfills your needs and comfort of your baby:

You can prefer here for the best stroller for twins.

Standard size stroller

A standard size stroller has ample storage, big and maneuverable tires, capacious cozy seats and normal weight of 16-32 lbs. Usually the traditional strollers are car seat adapter.

Car seat frame

While your baby is in its 6-12 months, you can use a frame stroller which is an infant car seat which is quite light, inexpensive and compact.

Lightweight stroller


Lightweight or umbrella strollers are smaller in shape and have compact design. They usually do not have the car seat adapter features. These can be only used when the baby is 6 months old at least. Small wheels of the stroller make it less maneuverable especially on rough surfaces.




Jogging stroller

SummitXCBaby Jogger2012lifestyle Desktop Resolution

These strollers are specially designed for the parents who do not find time to exercise to maintain their health while they take care of their baby. These are specially designed with enhanced security features and shock absorbers so that the baby does not hurt while you run with the stroller. Look at to find out the best double jogging stroller reviews.

Double stroller


Double or triple strollers are for the parents who have more than one young kid. They usually have the same features as of the standard single stroller yet they are light weight and more vulnerable. For more information, you can find the best stroller for twins here.